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If you're working hard on your platform but still feel ​frustrated with "results," maybe the answer isn't to just do ​more or work harder. Maybe what you need a better...


I believe the strongest strategy ​is one you can organically ​maintain. Strategy ensures your ​effort is effective––and it's ​about much more than just

what you post


Optimizing your content for ​search engines is one way ​you can work smarter, not ​harder. Building a website is ​one thing––optimizing it is ​another


Expressing yourself online ​should feel natural, not ​contrived. I help writers ​embrace a sustainable ​brand identity that flows ​without force

I know the Struggle Is Real

Platform is so much more than social media.

"Platform" is where you show up

Author platform can be defined as all the ways you reach your readers and the content you ​share with them. This can include the social media accounts you use, speaking engagements, ​classes you teach, publications and bylines, jobs and volunteer opportunities as well as other ​organic points of connection. If you think of a single social media platform as your platform,​ you're in danger​

"Platform" is an expression of your style, personality, and brand

If you cringe at being a "brand," swap it for a more palatable synonym. But you have one and ​your readers know you for it. When you clarify your visuals, message, and process, you help ​your readers find and support you

"Platform" is like investing. Diversification builds a stronger portfolio

If you're trying to get your work "out there," building and maintaining your platform is not a ​distraction from the work––it's part of the work. This is why content strategy is so key. Without ​strategy, you run the risk of distraction, throwing random ideas at the wall to see what works, ​and skipping the data to find out if it did.​

But even if you know this, content can still ​become a giant, cumbersome mess!

Flowers from my editor after my book deal!

As a fellow writer I know firsthand...

We Love Words

Generating content is often not the problem when it ​comes to building and maintaining an author ​platform––it's strategy.

Because we're either very focused on our ​manuscripts or intimidated by social media, and it's ​easy to get stuck in reactive mode when it comes to ​our platforms.

But to be successful writers, there's the actual ​writing and then there's all the content around it––​two very different skill sets.

Even if you're strong in all of it, project management ​and content strategy may still feel elusive.

That's where I can help.

I offer you my experience & expertise

Wrote SEO content for ​over 120 industries

Designed User Flows ​and created content for ​3 major hospitals

Ran multiple startups and ​a blog that got over 80k ​hits a day

Designed a book launch that ​earned over 200 Amazon ​reviews in its first 28 days

Produce and maintain my ​own platform of over 90k

Creative marketer that ​helped two companies ​triple sales in 3 years

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Platform With a Plan:

Self-Guided Course

This course is a DIY analysis to help you assess ​where your platform is now –– and how to make ​sustainable improvements that reduce reactivity ​and increase results

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Platform Audit

Know something is off but aren't sure what it is? ​My audit includes a comprehensive overview of ​your digital footprint and offers targeted ​recommendations you can take to a designer or ​do yourself. Great for writers who crave a ​Creative Director

Content & Campaign Strategy ​Sessions

Perfect for the overwhelmed! These sessions

address your platform pain points and teach ​you to think strategically about your content.

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What your fellow creatives said...

"Tia is a wizard when it comes to ​developing a strategy that amplifies ​your brand. She's creative, filled with ​innovative ideas, and was passionate ​about my buisness. Her heart and her ​mind are fully engaged when you hire ​Tia! Her strategy to launch my first ​book led to an impressive pre-sale ​campaign that floored my publisher. ​Plus, she's great to work with."

Julie Bogart, author of

The Brave Learner and

Raising Critical Thinkers

"Prior to working with Tia, I knew I had ​a platform, but didn’t really ​understand its strengths or how to ​capitalize on them. Tia’s ​comprehensive Platform Audit ​opened my eyes to what story I was ​telling and showed me how to craft ​one that would authentically engage ​my readers."

Lisa Ellison Cooper,

Writer, Editor, and Coach


"Tia has improved my professional life in ​every way possible. She's helped boost ​my productivity, shown me how to ​increase web traffic, and given me easy-​to-implement ideas for organizational ​flow. To accomplish all this, she's listened ​carefully and analyzed situations ​accurately. But more than being just plain ​effective, she's been kind, loving, and ​supportive. In fact, when I recommend her ​book-shepherding services to my writing ​coaching clients, I tell them she's a ​"loving-care provider." And that's the ​truth."

Jamie Morris

Writing Coach


Drop Shadow

My approach is homegrown

My author-dreams came true

and platform is a big reason why

I believe every author's platform is as unique as they are

I believe there's no "one approach works for all" rule ​about platform

I believe we're more successful when we're intentional

I believe the strongest platform design is sustainable, ​organic, and a joy to maintain

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