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Solid Content Strategy Begins With a Baseline

What are we starting with?

What assets do we have available?

Where are the gaps?

What's our goal?

Without answers to those questions, we're just jumping onto the latest trend,

remaining in reactive mode, over or under-committing, setting unrealistic content goals,

and getting very frustrated when we don't see "results."

Moreover, I find it a reckless misuse of energy to offer advice that can't be used

––or to pay for advice I can't implement. There's a ton of platform advice out there,

but it's not one-size-fits-all.

And forcing it is a bit like buying shoes you know won't fit.

Can you really launch a book campaign with 54 followers?

What if you hate social media?

How many accounts have you ghosted?

How many times have to tried to work on your email list by crafting content

but it just won't grow?

Or worse yet...you've paid a bunch of money to a website designer

or assistant but aren't sure what instructions to give them!

What you need is a Creative Director

who understands you and the publishing scene.

Someone who intimately understands what it means

to be an author, a brand, and a content generator

––when all you want to do is write.

Someone who knows how to amplify your strengths

so that your weaknesses don't hold you back.

And, while we're at it, someone who knows

design and marketing would be great too.

I'm that someone and I'm happy to help you. Our work together will be warm,

kind, understanding, and fun! But first, we need to establish a baseline.

The Platform Audit

is our foundation.


I'm a big fan of clarity and transparency and I aim to offer both when you work ​with me. To that end, here's what the platform audit process looks like


Your inquiry results in an email exchange and appointment set-up. We'll set up a Zoom ​conference time


Our first 30 minute call is your chance to explain your hardships, concerns, needs, and ​hurtles. I'll gather all your digital information and ask lots of questions about your work ​flow, schedule, and ideas for the future


I'll conduct a thorough audit of your digital footprint and existing platform online. This ​gets compiled into a 15-20 page document with analysis, feedback, and detailed s​uggestions you can implement or hand to another professional, such as a website d​esigner


Approximately 2-4 weeks after our first call, we'll have an hour-long review call. This is​ where you'll receive your report, Project Punch List, and ask question​s


Follow up! At the end of your audit process, we'll choose one item from your Project ​Punch List to focus on. We'll set a goal and timeline. You get ongoing email support plu​s a 30 minute "any time" call to use as you wis​h

The price for the entire audit process is $790.

It's paid in two installments of $395,

which is half upon order and half upon delivery.


Please note: if you're interested in my Content & Campaign Strategy Sessions, ​the Platform Audit is a pre-requisite. This is the price structure through

June 30, 2023

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