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Strategy Sessions

Your Next Project Isn't an Idea.

It's a Campaign.

Is your goal realistic?

Where's the data?

What steps are needed to get there?

Do you know what "there" is?

Without answers to those questions, you're spinning in a sea of great ideas that never

get off the ground. They are the January resolutions that don't make it to February.

They are the half-finished manuscripts, the random splash of stuff on your social feed.

The programs you paid for but never used.

They're destined for the Graveyard of Great Ideas.

But, what if you could change all that?

Set resolutions with a roadmap for success.

Cross the finish line on your drafts.

Engage online with intention, not impulse.

Utilize tools essential to complete your mission––or save your money instead.

Spend your time and energy on ideas that offer measurable ROI so you have

the data you need for your next book proposal.

That's what I can teach you.

Just as your novel or memoir needs structure, so does your platform.

In fact, it will collapse without it. And even though author-and-book marketing

is marketing, it's rare to find someone using a professional campaign strategy

to accomplish their goals.

I'm a Content Strategist who brings my corporate experience to serve my fellow authors.

I understand writing and the publishing scene and I'm intimately familiar with the need to:

Make the best use of your time.

Gather data you can share with your agent and publisher.

Create content that serves your purposes––without chasing trends.

Plan the book launch your work deserves.

We can do that together.

Content & Campaign Sessions

are where I teach you my strategic approach.



I'm a big fan of clarity and transparency and I aim to offer both when you work with me. ​To that end, here's what the Content & Campaign Strategy Session process looks like


Your inquiry results in an email exchange and appointment set-up. We'll set up ​a Zoom conference time


Our first 60-minute call is your chance to explain your hardships, concerns, ​needs, and hurtles. Because the Platform Audit is a pre-requisite, we'll already ​have a rapport and I'll have an extensive working knowledge of your baseline. ​We're ready to dig deeper into what you need to accomplish or what's been ​holding you back


I'll create a roadmap for our work together and set up a second 60-minute call ​(within 2-4 weeks.) This session is an instruction in my campaign design and ​implementation process. You'll also receive a customized document that lays out ​the project management steps, stages, and milestones for your endeavor


The implementation and release phase of your project is the longest. During this 4-6 ​month period, you'll have ongoing email support from me as well as a monthly ​status call (15-30 minutes) to check in on any steps needing an adjustment


Review! As your campaign finishes, it's time to gather the data, conduct a review, ​identify what came up, and evaluate next steps. We'll have our third 60-minute ​call and you'll receive documentation of what was accomplished

The price for the C & C Strategy Sessions is $2400.

It's paid for upfront or in four installments of $600,

which begins with 1/4 upfront and monthly thereafter.

If your project is larger than the scope of this framework

or longer than 6 months, pricing will be adjusted per our discussion.


Please note: This is the price structure through June 30, 2023. I also offer one-off meetings for consultations and you ​can sign up for announcements on coming classes.

Want to shake things up right away?

Grab my free PLATFORM POP and get

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Signing up also gets you in the loop with the ​occasional announcement about upcoming classes. ​It's not a newsletter but if you want one, reply

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You work too hard to miss the mark. Let me help!

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